The Wolverine 2: Not your Typical Sequel or Super Movie

The much awaited movie, The Wolverine has finally arrived on a final release date. The year 2011 was not very kind to the movie. It has experienced delays which put it away from the original summer screening. The bailing of director Darren Aronofsky and the Japanese earthquake-tsunami disaster pushed the movie further from its original day of screening. When director James Mangold took the chair, the movie was said to hit the theaters on the spring of 2012. Not to mention Hugh Jackman's work as a director of the musical Les Miserables.

So after Jackman is done with his helming, his work for The Wolverine 2013 will resume. Assuming that there are no further hindrances along the way, 20th Century Fox will bring The Wolverine to you on July 26, 2013.

So what do we know about this movie who is also known as X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 or simply Wolverine 2? The film is a stand-alone movie in which events take place in Japan. The original screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie has been revised by Mark Bomback. Nevertheless, the over plot remains. So the adventure will take you to Japan where Logan deals with the aftermath of the events in the X-Men Origins wherein his memory was erased. Expect to see a lot of theatrical action as Logan deals with the Samurai. And romance too, when he begins a romantic relationship with a woman who is already betrothed to another man.

According to Jackman, they felt the need to establish who Logan really is as well as the things that have made him the way he is. There are numerous areas of the Japanese story that would be interesting to deal with, like how the Japanese tradition, particularly of the Samurai, about honor, customs, and how an outsider who is the complete opposite makes his way in. In the comic book, Logan was abashed when two Samurai kicked his ass. Now that is something unusual for non-mutants.

The story will deal much about Logan and Mariko and their romance in Japan. Mariko is the daughter of a Japanese crime lord who has arranged her wedding to another man. Here, Wolverine will have to fight differently because of the crime lord's weapon. You are going to see a lot of katanas, blades, ninjas, samurai, martial arts, and hand to hand combat. To make it look authentic, the production planned to shoot the film in Japan. In 2010, Jackman announced that they will start shooting in 2011 which was further reinforced by McQuarrie when he said that the screenplay is finished and that they are ready to film in the year mentioned by Jackman.

On October 2010, 20th Century Fox announced that Darren Aronofsky will direct the movie. When asked about it, Jackman said that having Aronofsky in the team, the film will not be like the typical superhero film. There will definitely be a meat on the bone and something that you will think about. The film is dark and is going to change the pace of the series. In the following month, Aronofsky said that the film is going to be a standoff. However, as the production of the film approached, it became clear to Aronofsky that he will spend almost a year out of the country. Because he cannot spend a long time away from his family, he bowed out from his position.

If there is anything that the delays are good for, that is probably giving more time for the producers to prepare the movie in theaters. And as far as the competition is concerned, the July 26, 2013 release date is good enough for the movie. The Man of Steel will be released a month before The Wolverine so there are no problems so far with grabbing attention from comic fans.

Certainly, there is more news to come about The Wolverine, particularly about the cast, so be sure to check out for updates. To see a glimpse of the film's awesomeness, see the trailer online anytime. There truly is much to await with superhero movies now that the trend is focusing more on the character rather than the devastation that the fight scenes leave behind. Thus, the thrill never stops. It is interesting to see how Logan lived in a strange place during a strange time. So save your dates and get ready to see The Wolverine. Trailer will be here as soon as possible until then we let you enjoy first X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer: